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1432335993_xmagPainted Swan


1432335993_xmagSimple Sketch



Painted Watermill

Writing is a very special talent. If you are an author, you know how important it is that your illustrations are compatibale with your style. Fantacular Designs would be honored to help you with this! Tell us your preferred style, provide the photos you want to use, and you will maintain complete control of your illustrations.

Caution: Digital options are limitless – This is so fun, it can be addicting!

Remodeling your home? Office? Looking for unique decor? Need a personalized gift for someone special? We can alter an image of yours or create a graphic package with a photoshoot included! Add your own touch to:

Fantacular Designs can help you create personalized gifts! You can design persoalized:

Canvas Wall Art


Mobile Device Cases

Personalized Posters


Welcome Rugs

… and so much more!


Want to make money from home? We can help bring your design to life and place your items on CafePress. Join CafePress Affilliate Program and sell your designs online! Here are just a few examples:

Bumper Stickers


Custom Clocks

Inspirational Posters

Quote T-shirts


*Some restrictions apply.

**You must have full copyright privileges to the images used.

1432335993_xmagManual Coloring


1432335993_xmagPainted With Style


1432335993_xmagPencil With Watercolor

1432335993_xmag Light Detail



1432335993_xmag Heavy Detail

Shades of Coloring



1432335993_xmagPoster Paint



1432335993_xmag Realistic Animation