Your logo is the single most important branding device you have. Your customers will instantly recognize your company logo on internet sites, in print, and directly on your products. A professional logo provides your company with a distinguishable identity.

When designing a logo, our Graphic Design Team gives careful consideration to your business goals. Your logo should be a timeless, attractive, accurate representation of your company. We work side-by-side with you in choosing colors, fonts, and style for a logo that you will be proud to display for years to come.  Contact us for assistance in updating your current logo, or creating a brand new one!

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Realty Logo

Style-Us Cuts

Cynthia's Bakery

Emergency Heat Source Logo

Long Lanes


Social Media Branding


Maintaining consistent branding makes it easier for your customers to recognize the representation of your business. Branding isn’t limited to a logo or business moral. Creating an online presence is more effective when the presence visually resembles the brand.

Every social media platform has its own guidelines for customization. Some only allow changes to avatars and cover photos, but some allow for personalized backgrounds, cover photos and more. Whenever possible, we recommend uploading a background that either matches or compliments your website and brand.

The team at Fantacular Designs creates stylish, matching designs that grab attention. Using creative techniques, we draw in your target audience with aesthetic appeal.