Just as a business store front and what is displayed within the walls provides potential clients with a perception of the business, websites should be designed to do the same. Unfortunately, websites don’t provide the onlooker with a 3D image and associates to represent the company. A great website is created to perform these actions at a distance; regardless of the depth a website does or does not take. Web designs can consist of a single page to thousands of pages of information. We take all of this into account when building a site, by getting a feel for the business goals, style, preferred clientele… and create a site that fits the needs for now while providing allowance for any interest in growth.

Many fellow entrepreneurs come to us with the beginning of a website created by the latest craze, such as Wix, Weebly, or a “helpful” package though a host company similar to GoDaddy. These are comparable to diet fads, as the work briefly. Yes, these sites provide businesses the ability to make their mark on the World Wide Web. Yet, at every turn companies discover issues, fees, and most of all, limitations. Before they know it, they are paying more than they ever expected while wishing they had more help!

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So, here we are, creative, intuitive, with schooling that will help you get more business from your website! We are based in Cleveland, Tennessee where travelers come from North and South, East and West to visit Cleveland’s amazing sites. We see the benefits that locals and tourists provide our fellow entrepreneurs which benefits the community. Where do they find places to stop? Online.

Although we specialize in small businesses, our purpose of creating Fantacular Designs stems from our desire to help any sized businesses succeed. All you have to do is call, provide some information and we can tell you about all of the amazing things that we would love to do to create a site that appeals to your clients and drives them to your door.

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