#ISISChan Fights Terrorism with a Message to ISIS…

For years, we have wondered, like so many in our community, “What can we do to help fight terrorism?” For a long time, the answer appeared to be, “nothing.” With recent activity that has hit so close to home, our determination has grown exponentially! While our thoughts and prayers are devoted to the families of our local heroes, our goals and resources have been spent looking for productive ways to participate in the fight.

The “internet” is our office and ISIS depends on the internet connection to reach fellow extremists and potential participants. So, when our social media manager, Cynthia McInvale, brought an article regarding #ISISChan to our attention – we were thrilled to engage!

Japanese members of the international hacker group, Anonymous, embarked on a brilliant plan to “Google Bomb” ISIS. I introduce you to the leader of this movement, ISIS Chan:

ISIS Chan loves melons, but loves fighting ISIS with her Google Bomb even more! #ISISChan

ISIS Chan - Hayley 300


While she takes on a few changes from country to country, artists are bringing life to this project by providing incite to her character. A sweet teenage girl who fights internet fire with internet kindness… She loves melon and mocking ISIS; she is commonly seen sporting green hair and ISIS inspired attire. Many images show ISIS Chan holding a bomb in her hand, referring to the “Google Bomb.” Her message? “Knives are for slicing melons, not killing people!” Many images that have been published by ISIS of beheadings have been altered to replace the victim with a fruit or vegetable. This is not to diminish the loss of lives, but to diminish the power given to ISIS through these horrifying images.

The Twitter account, @isisvipper provides guidelines to participants in the interest of avoiding pornographic material, gore, religious conflict, and more. The goal is to flood search engine results for “ISIS” with a fun, happy character with a taste for melon and a thirst for ruining ISIS’ plans.

We are ISIS Chan supporters!

Drawing by Hayley, 15, our apprentice illustrator.

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