Kraft Fair would celebrate loyal customers and introduce fans to new products!  Kraft could encourage brand recognition and increase sales by cross-selling..

Kraft is a HUGE family of products and brands! Many of these brands are used in recipes together… so why not have them mingle once a year? Celebrating loyal customers and introducing fans to new products is a great cross-sales tactic! An annual Kraft Fair would be an ideal time to introduce new products, as well.

A quick mock up of a "Kraft Fair."The Annual Kraft Fair could feature categorized contests (cooking, cupcake decorating, gelatin molds, etc). Kraft booths could be set up to sell some of the Kraft products used to make Kraft recipes. The booths would have the prepared product with free samples. Individual booths where businesses can buy a space and share a Kraft relevant products or services. Booths could be filled with cake decorators who use gelatin in edible arrangements or Magic Bullet Blender who experiments with Kraft recipes. Companies would beat down the door trying to reserve a spot! This would also encourage brand recognition, by applying a visual connection between all of the Kraft products; loyal fans of one product may become a loyal fan of an additional product because of the relation between the two. An A.1. Steak Sauce fan may be persuaded to try Kraft barbecue sauce. Cross sales are one of my favorite marketing techniques, because it builds a deeper relationship between company and consumer!

To make each year even more fun, Kraft could use different themes. Perhaps teaming up with another company each year would change things up and keep consumers coming back!

Disney – At every turn we would find bouncy houses, Jell-O castle molds, Disney themed cooking contests and Disney character’s. This would attract families with young children.

Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass – Even an upcoming film could be the theme, the possibilities are endless! A tea party would certainly be in order!

NFLKraft could have their own Super Bowl party one year. Why not?!? Selling ready-made products and distributing the recipes would be a big bonus for Kraft! Super SkinsQuick Pizza Dip, chicken wings tossed and baked in Kraft’s Asian Toasted Sesame dressing… I’d go, if just for the food!

STRAWBERRY GELATIN! Designed by Fantacular Designs.I know, I know… Kraft may not be able to sell products that aren’t ready-made and prepackaged. There are problems with licensing and kitchen space. This problem could be solved by offering a discount to vendors who serve a Kraft recipe. Maybe Eisenburg’s Sandwich Shop would like to serve Kraft’s Roasted Potato Salad as a side in their booth. The printed recipes sit at their booth and perhaps a coupon for one of the Kraft ingredients.

No need for specific details, as this is only an example. However, the time of year should be Spring or Fall (not including the Super Bowl party), because of gelatin and frozen treat competitions. The location should be in a different state each year. This will increase the longevity of the annual event, as it becomes accessible to new populations, giving everyone the opportunity to participate!

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