MICHAEL – Web Designer, Consultant

While working full time as a Welder, Michael obtained his Associates Degree in Web Design and received multiple awards for academic achievement. Prior to earning his degree, Michael was already well known for his computer knowledge and technological abilities, and he was always available to assist with diagnostic problems and provide guidance for repairs.

In the past, Michael has worked as an Automotive Mechanic, and he keeps his skills up-to-date by doing repairs for family and friends. He also excels at Home Improvement and Remodeling, and has frequently traveled long distances to help others with major restorations.

When he is not working, Michael enjoys listening to music, playing the drums or guitar, camping and fishing, and spending time with his family and friends.




BARBARA – Graphic Designer, Internet Marketer, Account Managerbarbara

Barbara is currently pursuing a Bachelor Degree in Science of Internet Marketing. She has in excess of 12 years experience in public relations, marketing, and serving the public. Prior to entering college, Barbara enjoyed years of self-directed training in photography, drawing, graphic design, and a course in painting. One of her favorite websites is http://www.cheeseandburger.com, and she enjoys the new and interesting things found on http:///www.stumbleupon.com/.

When Barbara is not working or attending school, she finds great pleasure in helping others, and has assisted with building houses for Habitat for Humanity. Barbara is an excellent gourmet cook, and enjoys sharing her talent with family and friends who are more than happy to sample her latest creations at their frequent gatherings.

Barbara and her husband, Michael, have enjoyed 15 years together, and have two precious daughters. They all have a passion for music and art, and enjoy seasonal camping, hiking, and visiting amusement parks.





Cynthia – Blog Writer and Social Media Manager

Cynthia has been with the company from the moment the idea was conceived and has inspired much of the progress Fantacular Designs experienced in its early development. In the past, Cynthia worked as a secretary where her editing skills excelled among her peers. She also owned a successful bakery for many years, and became quite knowledgeable in appropriate business etiquette. She attended writing classes at Pima College, and is continually increasing her skills in the social media aspect of Internet Marketing.

Meanwhile, in her spare time, Cynthia enjoys keeping in touch with family, all of whom share her appreciation for camping. She has always been creative, which is evidenced by her love for cooking, cake decorating, and quilting. She and Barbara have also taken on a new personal project, Diet With Us, and are in the process of writing their first cookbook.